Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad Luck

In P.E. (physical education) at my school we have lockers where we lock our backpacks and normal school clothes while we are in P.E. class. However, last week I forgot to lock my locker before I went outside.

When I came back, my cellphone was gone.

At first I just let out a stream of vulgar words ^^'' and searched frantically. After quite a while of searching, I gave up and proclaimed it as "stolen".

A week later, I am still cellphoneless.

Have any of you lost an important electronic before? I also recently lost my DS 2 months ago. :( I think I should install a tracking device on all my valuable possessions...

It's Thanksgiving Break though! :D I'm planning on doing some delayed otaku shopping hope that next post will be about my new possesions...


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Aya Hasebe - My First PVC ^^''

Last month, my friend gave me a $25 dollar Visa gift card for my birthday. I felt it would be awkward for me to walk in a store and purchase an item with it, so I decided to spend the money online. In other words- a figure.

I surfed various online stores for a cheap but OK quality figure. Shipping adds quite a bit to the overall cost, so I ended up looking for something in the $15-20 price range. ^^''

I came across this figure of Aya Hasebe by Kotobukiya on Big Bad Toy Store, which was having a clearance sale. Although I was unsure of the quality of Aya, I decided to buy her after acknowledging my budget.

I think her hair is a bit odd, but then I'm not familiar with her original appearance in Comic Party, the (series?) she's from.

I do the love her dress though. The details are fabulous.

That line on her left leg is a too obvious. It's one of the few irks of this figure.

Again, I just love her dress. It looks semi-transparent here. ^^

Tried some natural lighting here. Which lighting looks better? I'm guessing the natural lighting does, although I'm usually not home early enough to catch it.

Sorry about the math textbook by the way. I was in the middle of homework and listening to US election news (the figure arrived on November 4th) when I said screw it and decided to open my new figurine box instead.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Titles are Such a Hassle

When you don't know what to put.

Above is a collab between between my friend and me. It's also on my friend's DeviantART account, but hopefully you won't be able to find it or otherwise you'll find my account.

My talented friend drew the sketch while I inked and colored it. Since I had no idea what to put for the background, my friend decided to do it for me. ^^'' I still need to improve my art skill greatly, especially my drawing, which you'll be able to see if you continue reading...

This eyesore was done in the beginning of 2008. Oh, the hands, the body... ;_; I would say the only decent aspect is the hair.

Now a nice scan to heal your eyes:

I actually have Kaya Kuramoto's artbook, but I didn't scan this.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Fate/stay night "Mini Figures"

Saber :)
I happen to be completely unfamiliar with Fate/stay night. What I know about it comes strictly from looking at anime figurines of characters from the series.

So why do I have these? Well, because my cousin bought them for me. Of course, I was delighted to receive free figurines.

I'm really inexperienced with taking photos of figurines. ^^'' This was actually my first "shoot".

These figurines came in a clear plastic bag, so I have no idea which company manufactured them or any other info about them. All I know is that they're from Fate/stay night because of Saber.

The overall quality isn't too bad. There's some chipped paint here and there, but otherwise very cute ^^.

Cookies to anyone who knows where these Fate/stay night figures are from.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Delicious Food

A few days ago my mother came home with a bag of food. For no apparent reason, I decided to take some photos.

A very delectable looking cake. :) Yum. I think there's something suspicious about it though...?

Sushi! <3

Yes. What you're seeing is true. The cake is a lie.

Sadly, so is the sushi platter. :(

Some photos of gorgeous, plastic dim sum food:

Now I wish I had the real, edible versions.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


As of January 19, 2009:


Total- 9

PVC- 4

Nendoroid- 4

Mini Figures (not gashapon) - 6

Gashapon- 2


Manga- 41 volumes

Artbooks- 7

Posters- 11

Keychains- 14


Manga- 200+

Anime- 100+


Friday, October 10, 2008


Although I cannot fathom what reasons for...